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  • Painting a building in the city

    Whether it’s a unit complex, a small terrace house, or a full scale commercial city building, abseiling access can be the best way to paint. Don’t let the plain old painter charge you a fortune, get the industrial rope access painting professionals in to take a look at it.

  • Abseil painting

    Abseil painting workers Sydney available for commercial concrete repair and other remedial building services.

  • Abseil painting project

    Abseil painting is a specialized craft and requires experienced and competent, qualified operating personnel to carry out difficult access project scopes. Call us to find out how we can provide abseiling access services to enable you to achieve cost effective abseiling access solutions.

  • Painters Sydney – Difficult Access

    Painters are often inhibited by difficult access scenarios. Not us!!!!!!!! We specialise in difficult access painting, concrete repairs and all types of remedial building works. Call us for a quote! Advanced Solutions Group 1300 789 474

  • Industrial Rope Access Painting and Concrete Repair

    Industrial Rope Access Painting and Concrete Repair is the most effective and affordable means of carrying out many remedial works projects, small and large. The cost of scaffolding alone can often outweigh the costs of doing an entire job by rope access. Why not give us a call and let us supply you with a…

  • Paint a Building – It’s Easy With Rope Access!

    Painting by abseiling or Rope Access Painting, is the easiest way to facilitate painting works on most structures as it reduces access costs and also limits disturbance to tenancy and to the public. We don’t need scaff… we don’t need EWP… we just need our highly trained personnel to abseil your building and apply the…

  • High Rise Painting Services

    Industrial Rope Access personnel can be deployed on any structure to provide full high rise painting services without the need for additional costs in hiring access equipment. Typically, works such as Painting and Concrete Repair are carried out using scaffolding, swinging stages, and elevated work platforms. Money can be saved by utilising established, safe abseiling…

  • Rope Access Sydney

    Rope Access Sydney. Abseiling Window Cleaning plus Abseiling Painting. As well as Abseiling Concrete Repair, in addition to Abseiling Building Maintenance. Not withstanding Abseiling Survey or forgetting Abseiling Access we install Abseiling Anchor Points but don’t forget Abseiling Facade Maintenance or Abseiling Industrial Works. When you think about these things, think about Advanced Solutions Group!…

  • High Rise Painting Without EWP

    High Rise Painting can be carried out without huge equipment costs. How? The answer is simple. Industrial Rope Access. We specialise in High Rise Painting without using expensive stages or scaffolding. We have undertaken literally thousands of painting and other building maintenance projects and continue to be known as a provider of cost effective solutions…

  • Industrial Abseiling

    Industrial Abseiling or Industrial Rope Access as the industry refers to it, is a cost effective and easy way to undertake maintenance and remedial building works while limiting disturbance to tenants, increasing access advantages & limiting the cost of expensive hire equipment traditionally used for access. Why not take the time to discuss your remedial…