Signage Installation Sydney

Sign Installation and Maintenance is best performed using industrial rope to access high level locations. This is the most effective solution to install materials including neon, banner, skin, sail track, billboard and building wraps to commercial areas.

Sail track banner is the most common commercial interchangeable signage. This requires installation of specialized sail track that has a slotted grove on its sides for the banner to slide through. This track is fastened to the substrate and/or facade, so the banner sign is fed into this track and secured into position.

ASG Signage Installation Team

Sign InstallationOur team consists of personnel with Level 2 and 3 certification of Australian Standards 4488 and qualified and licensed electricians for servicing transformers and/or full neon sign systems.

We are open to work with Signage Manufactures where the only access available is either BMU or cherry picker. We can do most of the time to work for the cost of the access equipment alone.

“No Building too High and No Sign too Big”  – ASG Team

Updated: November 26, 2014