Roof Anchor Point Installation

Stainless Steel  Roof Anchor PointAt ASG, we provide you with a full range of roof anchor installation for any type of application, including sheet metal profile roofing to concrete or steel structure elements. We offer a roof anchor that can be installed to any roof.

Our team of expert roof anchor installers are certified to install any type of roof safety anchor for all the leading brands in the market like Safetylink Pty Ltd, Sala, Uniline, Capital Safety, Sayfa, Hilti and many more.

Roof anchor installation is essential as at some time there will be a need to access a roof to carry out maintenance and/or repairs. Under the law, no one is allowed to access a roof without having an approved safety roof anchor installed in compliance with the standards set.

We can visit you FREE of charge to see what type of roof anchor you may need please contact our team now through the contact numbers and email link provided.

Roof Anchor Installation serviceRoof anchor point installation

  • Stainless Steel Roofing Anchors
  • Stainless Steel roofing static line
  • Tiles Roofing anchor suit tile with no cutting
  • Removable and or temporary roofing Anchor
  • Fall arrest roofing anchor
  • Roof safety roofing anchor