Painting a highrise residential unit complex

Did you ever wonder if there was a better, more cost effective, less intrusive way to paint a residential unit complex? We have the answer. Industrial rope access painting or abseil painting is the way forward in terms of getting the most out of your budget regarding highrise painting. Painting a multistorey building can be a mammoth task when it comes to access methods such as scaffolding, elevated work platforms and the like. However, these things need not cause you a headache when our team of abseiling personnel can abseil the exterior facades of your building, limiting any interruption to your tenancy and go about their tasks to prepare and paint the building. We have undertaken many large and small residential and commercial high rise painting projects and are pleased to be able to say we have delivered great results for far less money than traditional painting methods. Get in touch to find out how we can reduce the cost of your next painting project.