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April 2012: 2Day FM & Channel 7 Amazing Race Sydney with Kyle and Jackie O – Advanced Solutions Group was engaged to stage a event for the Kyle ancd Jacie O 2 Day Fm and Channel 7 Amazing Race – Watch the video click below (The abseiling part starts at around 18min)

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Advanced Solutions Group recently were engaged to carry out a stunt event for Southern Cross Austero Triple-M Adelaide.. Performing a stunt requiring rigging a brand new $30,000 Harley Davidson from a 30 meter crane… the competition was for a caller contestant to push a red or a green button…. and unfortunately the contestant pressed the green button that brought the bike crashing down to a pile of useless rubble….

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Director Nicholas Stansell recently competing in the 2012 Sydney to Hobart yact race sailing on a TP52 called Cougar II, the race is a 628 Mile race crossing the gloomy bass strait. Forecast for this years race is going to be tough going with a southerly front at the start then down wind sailing for the next day then back to the south in strong winds from 15-30 knots.

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On the 9th of July Nicholas Stansell the director of Advanced Solutions Group Pty Ltd is funding and participating in a expedition to New Zealand ice capped mountain range… requiring a large scale setup to access the foot of the mountain ranges… all equipment, supplies will be flown in via Helicopter for base camp setup before starting the ascent… This mountain is a new ascent requiring technical ice climbing techniques and a high skill knowledge of technical mountaineering…