Nanocoat authorised applicator now servicing the construction industry

Our personnel are pleased to be authorised applicators of the nanocoat range of products.

We are working in conjunction with ITC to provide protective coating solutions to all types of building applications including new construction and existing structures.

Some of the services we can provide using a unique combination of high tech products and industrial rope access include concrete and stone sealing, paint, polished metal and fibreglass protection, water repellent glass coatings, a unique two in one metal cleaning and protection system, stone cleaning and countless other applications where these high tech products can be put to good use.

Why are we suited to using these products? Many of the facades we maintain via abseil access have elements such as stainless steel, concrete, stone, aluminium paneling and many other types of surfaces. We believe that using the latest technology combined with the latest facade and difficult access techniques is simply the smartest way to go in ensuring that our clients receive not only a very high quality outcome to the works, but also value for money also.

Our team are committed to bringing the best in cost effective options to all projects we undertake and we are very pleased to be able to bring nanocoat and other ITC products to you, the client.