Nanocoat Applicators – difficult access

Nanocoat is one of the most revolutionary concrete sealing products on the market, the product itself is made in Australia though it is been designed in Germany and we all know germany makes great things!!

We apply Nanocoat by means of industrial rope access

Nano Coat can be used for a multitude of purposes from general masonry concrete sealing to ornate sandstone.

How Nanocoat works: Nanocopat works by sealing up the pours of the concrete by means of filling them with silica nano particles on a molecular level hence the name nano, it is applied simply with a one coat process and its ease of application with one coat mean it is extremely cost effective as other comparable brands of similar method requires 2-3 coats and it also uses a white spirit rather than a bio degradable carrier Nanocoat uses a oil based carrier and means there is no issue with spills or surrounding areas.

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