How to repair concrete spalling

Utilising a high quality high build mortar product, such as sikamonotop system, our abseiling team are able to produce high quality concrete repairs in difficult access situations.
Firstly, we assess the state of the concrete by visually and mechanically inspecting it.
After the assessment of the concrete is complete, we go about grinding and scabbling the concrete to expose and remove the areas of loose render, concrete and inspect the reinforcement within the concrete.
If we find that the reinforcement has rusted, we grind back no more than ten percent of the rebar to clean and uncorroded steel. If more than ten percent of the rebar is corroded at any point, we call on our consulting engineer to inspect.
In a situation where the bars are still in good enough condition to stay, we then treat the steel with a high quality corrosion inhibiting product and apply a bonding agent.
We then apply the mortar and work towards a clean and aesthetically pleasing patch.
We do all this via industrial rope access.