How to paint a city building

City buildings, often highrise multistorey constructions, can be difficult to undertake maintenance tasks on such as painting an entire facade. While you may think first of scaffolding an entire city building to undertake painting works, this is certainly not the only option, nor the most cost effective. Industrial rope access or abseiling can be the best way to paint alot of structures, particularly those where areas at height need to be accessed. High rise painting can be achieved by descending a building via abseiling and applying paint. The cost of scaffolding alone often exceeds the cost of painting by this method and many asset managers choose to go down the route of industrial rope access painting for this reason. This technique also minimises the disturbance to tenancy, the public and ensures that every dollar spent is a dollar painted, rather than wasted. You should always investigate this access method when looking at large scale painting projects, as it often saves time and money and can be a valuable tool in ensuring a great outcome for your clients.