High rise painting by rope access and how it’s done.

You’ve got a large scale painting project on a high rise building. The building hasn’t been painted for many years and the facades are starting to look a bit tired and old. You’ve gone through the process of getting regular types of commercial painters to quote the job and the access and scaffolding costs alone have exceeded your budget expectations. That’s when you are scratching your head, looking for alternatives and asking other building managers how they got their buildings painted. Some of the people you speak to, tell you that the access costs are just part of painting. Others put you on to the most effective and simple means to cut out massive amounts of access costs and get the job done with minimal fuss. These others of course, tell you about rope access painting.

Rope access high rise painting is the single most effective and efficient way to get your building painted. So, you contact a rope access company and they come and take a look at the building. The estimator tells you that it’s no problem at all to paint your building by rope access and that they’ve done many of these jobs before. You can feel the stress level you’ve had over this project diminishing with every word!

The estimator lets you know that they will need abseiling anchor points to do the job and of course, you’ve had the windows cleaned before by abseiling, but the anchors have not been tested in the last 12 months. That’s ok, the estimator tells you that they have a fully operational height safety division which can test the anchor points & certify them, or alternatively install new ones at a very low price if done in conjunction with the painting works. Again, the stress level is going down and down. But wait, there’s more!

The estimator sends you a comprehensive quotation for the painting works and it’s a fraction of the quotes that the commercial painters have provided you! You’re blown away. The benefits are now obvious to you and you’re kicking yourself that you ever did a painting job any other way. Now you know the way to do a high rise painting job is rope access painting.

You get a couple of other quotes and you pick the contractor who shows the most knowledge, has the most experience, provides the best customer service and of course comes in with a reasonable price for the works. The job is approved by your superiors and you book the works in.

The project managers come and have a preliminary works meeting with you to go through the planning stages of the works. You have contact with these project managers before, during and after the works, so you know that if you need to communicate any information to them, or get info from them, it’s just a phone call away!

Works are set to commence and the height safety team has already come to do the anchor certification and have deemed your existing system set to go. The materials have been delivered to site and are neatly stored in a secure space. Soon after, the abseiling painters arrive onsite. They go through their safe work method statement with the safety supervisor, the project manager and a site meeting is held with all management and personnel. The job is planned out to perfection.

The abseilers get to work. They descend the facade of the building and carry out a full wash down and preparation of the surfaces requiring painting. The building’s facade is looking better already! All the dirt and grime is gone and the surface is prepped ready to paint. You’ve been fortunate that no further repair needs have been found, such as concrete repairs, sealing joins etc.

The team of abseilers systematically descend and begin to paint, with defined sections per abseiler being painted at a time. The team are in constant communication with each other while they paint and they are making excellent progress.

You watch the building transform from a tired old structure to a fresh, rejuvenated set of facades which look fantastic.

The owners of the building are very pleased that their building is now enhanced in value and aesthetic quality.

You receive a promotion and a pay rise for bringing about a cost effective, no fuss and high quality project outcome.

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