Facade painters NSW specialising in abseiling

Most buildings require painting every 5 to 10 years. The cost of this for some structures can exceed the entire budget set aside for maintenance for the 5 to 10 year period and many buildings remain unpainted, degrading over time and developing more serious issues that a protective layer of paint of other coating would probably have avoided.

Facade painters come in all shapes and sizes. Our experience is that when looking at the cost of BMU, swinging stage, EWP and other methods of access, facade painting is best done by abseiling in most cases.

Abseiling access for facade painting is the best way to minimise the disturbance of tenancy, minimise the regulatory issues when working on the ground below via scaffold, machines etc, and most importantly, minimise the cost of accessing the areas needing painting.

When you next look at your building’s painting needs, imagine the whole building being washed down, prepped and having two to three coats of quality paint applied, without the need for all the expensive access equipment. This is the way many building managers and owners are choosing to go these days because it just makes a whole load of sense.

Our team specialise in painting facades throughout new south wales and although we are fully equipped to do the job by traditional access means, 99% of our clients choose our abseiling services once we show them the cost difference and the fact that the quality remains the same.