Expansion joint sealing – difficult access

Expansion joints are a critical part of any strucutre, allowing sufficient expansion and contraction in hot and cold climates to inhibit the process of a structure degrading due to normal pressures exerted upon its various elements.

Resealing expansion joins is a fundamental maintenance component of any building or structure that contains them. Inevitably, expansion joint sealant degrades over time and requires resealing to stop water and wind from entering the structure and causing damage.

One common problem when undertaking these works is difficult access. Many expansion joins are located in areas where it can be nearly impossible to reach. This is why many smart building managers contract this job to abseiling contractors like us. Not only are we very experienced in resealing expansion joints, we are able to get to every area of your structure in order to ensure that the job is done completely, so you can rest assured that your structure is protected from water and wind getting in.

We specialise in difficult access expansion join sealing and general expansion joint sealing works. We’ve literally sealed hundreds of thousands of joins and we encourage you to call us to find out how we can assist in renewing the seals at your property.

Sealing exterior expansion joints in a difficult access situation.
Sealing exterior expansion joints in a difficult access situation.

Here is a good example of difficult access expansion joint sealing.

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