Confined Space Services

suit for confined spaces cleaningConfined spaces involve intricate maintenance and cleaning method. At ASG, we comply with industry’s safety standards for our employees and for your building. to prevent fire hazards and regular maintenance requirements, we can access any confined space kitchen exhaust duct using our breathing apparatuses to safely remove grease build up.

Confined Spaces: Abseiling Access Technique

Tailing Abseiling Access techniques is the key to gain access to confined space areas. Since our team is fully certified in confined spaces training where specialized equipment is required to gain access and work in these locations, we have our own air monitoring equipment for working in these zones as compliance with the Workcover Legislation in relation to working in confined spaces.

Confined Spaces Access Services

  • Internal Riser Air Conditioning Inspections
  • Kitchen Exhaust Survey
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Underground Sewer Inspection
  • Confined spaces Oil Rig Platform Services

ASG Team for Confined Spaces

Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled personnel who can access any cavity or confined spaces. Combined with our industrial rope access skills, we can perform maintenance and cleaning of vertical internal air-conditioning duct or a kitchen exhaust duct riser.


Updated: November 26, 2014