Concrete Spalling Repair Services

Spalling RepairsASG offers Concrete Spalling Repairs using industrial rope solutions to access difficult areas. Our team of specialists are skilled with repairing concrete with cracks or with cancer.

Concrete Spalling Repairs in Sydney are performed using Industrial Rope Access for difficult-to-access areas. From cracked concrete to complete concrete cancer repairs, our concrete repair specialists can carry out any type of render and facade repairs.

Concrete cancer is common in Sydney, especially those who are close to the coast where the internal steel reinforcing has been in contact with water. It is where the steel is within 25mm to the surface of the facade substrate and will allow water to get in and start the corrosion process to the internal steel. When the steel starts to corrode, it expands. The pressure on the surrounding concrete blows out the concrete and falls to the ground.

Our specialized Abseiling Access personnel can carry out concrete cancer repairs to any type of building facade and or structure by removing the affected internal steel and grinding out the rust.

Advanced Solutions Group’s Team

Our Team will ensure that all works are performed using the highest of quality materials. All works performed will have quality assurance documentation noting areas of concrete repairs including photo and diagram reference guide for transparent business relation. You are more than welcome to acquire any in-house information for quality assurance.


Updated: January 19, 2015