Concrete sealing for facade maintenance

Your building’s facade is one of your greatest assets and it needs to be protected from all sorts of weather factors which can degrade its surface, penetrate the concrete and cause all sorts of issues.

Investing in a good quality sealer for your exterior facade is some of the best money that can be spent. Keeping your concrete dry and clean, while still allowing it to breathe is the best way to prevent the likelihood of dirt and grime buildup, water ingress etc.

Stopping water from entering the concrete doesn’t provide a 100% prevention for concrete cancer, but it sure helps! Your facade will be much cleaner as the small dirt particles and water which penetrates the concrete, sucking the dirt in won’t have a chance to do so.

We are applicators of all sorts of protective coatings, including nanocoat and concrete shield which are fantastic products and can give you the best outcome and bang for your buck. Don’t waste money with white spirit based sealers which mostly evaporate during application and don’t get the coverage that your money deserves.

Our industrial rope access concrete sealing team can provide a wide array of concrete protection options and give your facade a longer, cleaner life.