Concrete facade repair on a large scale

Our guys are about to begin a five year maintenance program in sydney cbd to undertake over 400 separate concrete and render repairs on a single building facade.

The building was built in the mid 1960s and is in reasonable shape considering its age and position in relation to weather factors. However, as wear, tear and movement is always part of a building’s lifespan, small render repairs and water ingress issues have occurred which means that alot of small maintenance tasks have now added up to a large scale exercise to tend to them all in a programmed way.

Concrete repair by abseiling is one of the best ways to undertake these sorts of jobs, to reduce the time and cost of scaffolding the building etc and allow concrete repair specialists to abseil to the exact work position and undertake repairs, without having to scaffold the entire building five times over a five year period.

We are pleased to be getting a start on this project and will keep our readers updated on our progress.