Concrete Cancer Repairs

Concrete CancerConcrete Cancer is common in buildings in the Sydney area or areas close to the coast. It is also called concrete degradation which often caused by presence of contaminance, such as if the internal steel or foundation of a building is penetrated with water causing the concrete reinforcement to rust.

Concrete repairs in Sydney is common due to the proximity of the city to the ocean. As salt travels inland to over 100 km, water gets absorbed by the concrete, wherein the internal steel reinforcing is within 25 mm to the surface.  This starts the corrosion of the building’s foundation and may result to an expanding force that may blow out or spall the surrounding concrete.

Our team are specialists in repairing concrete cancer. We can access the exterior of a facade using high quality industrial rope to repair cracked concrete, concrete cancer, spalling, expansion joint sealing, concrete carbonation, treatment and any other type of facade repair you might need.

Have you seen our abseilers doing rope access in high rise window cleaning around Sydney? We have many teams working in the Sydney CBD cleaning windows from rope access or BMU (Building Maintenance Unit)  performing different types of maintenance services.


Updated: November 26, 2014