Concrete cancer quotes. Who do you recommend?

This was an account of the process of getting a concrete cancer job quoted & fixed by one client.

I had what appeared to be concrete cancer in my building and some of it was very hard to reach. We got a couple of quotes and they came to huge amounts of money.

I mainly just had concrete guys out who proposed using scaffolding & EWP equipment to get to the repair areas, but somebody told me that abseilers could do it.

So I phoned a rope access concrete repair company who came out straight away and had a look at it. The guys who came didn’t seem to be phased by the access issues like the other companies were. They looked at the job in detail, did some preliminary planning onsite and supplied me with a quote within 24hrs. I was amazed. The price was only about 60% of the average price of the other quotes I got.

I booked the job with the abseilers straight away. They came a few days later and started the job. They were extremely professional and undertook the concrete repairs safely and methodically. All I can say is that i’ll never look at a facade repair the same again! Rope access is the answer.