Valued Clients

ANZ Stadium Works – ASG recently carried out woks on the iconic ANZ Stadium Australia on the over head steel structure requiring preparation of the steel structure and extreme difficult access on the upper backbone white steel structure, our team performed above and beyond the expectations. Requiring technical abseiling access techniques to access the large steel over head structure.

Cost Effective Maintenance – In this global time it is important to get cost effective solutions and this is where we can provide you with the right solution to fit into your budget requirements.

Supercheap Auto signage Installation – Our team carried out the signage installation to Campbeltown and various other stores in Sydney, our team accessed and carried out full banner signs and painting the backdrop wall all using abseiling access.

Industrial Safety Audit – Workcover is enforcing risk safety and all work requires Safe work method statements as our industry has high involvement in safety we provide full safety management systems for all our works.

Height Safety System – Installation and certification including facade survey and maintenance. We can provide you with certified height safety system from single anchor point installations to full static line and safety mesh walkway systems.

Pyrmont Park view Towers – Carried out remedial repairs to the external facade requiring extensive concrete cancer repairs and painting works. It needed a full 7 months of work. – We have carried out full facade painting including access to the internal balconies and all surrouding areas working with a colour consultant and have delivered a flawless job working with residents to work around there schedule and with minimal disruption.

5 Hunter St. Sydney – Remedial concrete repairs and expansion joint sealing to all facades of the building, required 3 months work.

Asbestos and Concrete repairs in Harbord – Specialized asbestos removal using industrial rope access. It required specialized techniques to remove the toxic fibre board followed by various concrete repairs and from spalling concrete in the roof slab.

Dexus – Gladesville Victoria Rd. – Our rope access team have sucessfully completed a large scope of works over 50k to rectify remedial repairs on a buildings in Gladesville working with Costin Roe Consulting who provided consultancy to survey the works required and monitor for quality of workmanship. All stages had been completed with approval from Costin Roe Consulting.

Costin Roe Consulting – We proudly work with Costin Roe Consulting which is a specialist engineering company that provides engineering solutions and project managment, that will come to survey a buidling and provide a comprehensive report outlining the specifice work required so the client can make an informed decision comparing apples with apples and to ensure the works upon approval is carried out in accordance with the initial report and scope specification. We proudly have performed many projects for Costin Roe and all have been successful and have carried on to future projects.

Macquarie Bank – In December, ASG was engaged by Macquarie Bank to lower a large 3mtr x 2mtr artwork worth over $150,000 which is also under the Art Preservation Society. As the art work was too large to fit into the lift our abseiling access team had to lower down the artwork within the internal cavity of the lift shaft by working with the lift operators to isolate the lift while our rope access team descended the lift shaft with the art work connected to a pulley hauling system to safely lower it down 23 floors. There were two artworks of similar size and both were delivered to the bottom of the shaft without even getting the artworks in contact with the shaft walling. Under the strict supervision from the Art Preservation Society.

Commonwealth Bank – Our team has carried out rope access signage installation and repairs for the Commonwealth Bank signage in Sydney CBD on a building over 25 floors high.

Zadro Consturctions – We are the approved installers for Zadro Construction providing full height safety systems in compliance with AS 1891 and AS 4488 and workcover principles.

Please contact us for further client references as we are more than happy to provide you with clients we have serviced for transparency is key to good relations.

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