Balcony has concrete cancer, what do you do?

If your balcony has concrete cancer, it’s probable that you’re living in a coastal location. It’s probable that your building is more than 20 years old and that the salt has had a chance to get in and corrode the reinforcement bars that exist within the concrete. It’s more than likely that you’ve had some concrete drop to the ground below and this is causing significant public liability issues for your body corporate.

So how do you go about repairing concrete cancer, particularly on a balcony slab edge? This is a particularly difficult access task and would involve alot of scaffolding or work platforms if done the traditional way. The great news is, that you can do these difficult access repairs by abseiling, or industrial rope access as the industry calls it. Concrete cancer on a balcony can be addressed and worked on in a safe way by this technique.