Anchor points

Stainless steel or marine grade aluminium anchor points are highly engineered and carefully crafted pieces of equipment. Our team only install high quality, australian standards compliant anchor points for both fall arrest, and industrial rope access use. The australian standard AS1891.4:2009 – Fall Arrest Device Selection, Use and Maintenance requires competent technicians to operate, inspect or install height safety equipment such as anchor points. We have undergone extensive training and have significant industry experience in the installation of anchor points and realise the importance of doing this correctly, not only just to adhere to the relevant standards, codes and guidelines, but most importantly, to preserve the safety and lives of Australian working personnel. Using a fall arrest system is essentially placing your personnel’s lives in the hands of those who have installed or certified any given system and should not be considered lightly. When using anchor points, ensure you plan your route carefully and only use AS1891 compliant devices.