Abseil Painting Services

We have a experienced team of abseil painters who can provide access to any building or structure to carry out abseil painting works, combining the technology of rope access with trade skills to carry out remedial repairs including painting, concrete repairs, structural repairs, facade maintenance, expansion joint sealing, window sealing and any other type of industrial building maintenance, our main specialty is abseil painting as this service provides the most cost effective means to paint any difficult to access area. In most cases out cost to carry out painting of a entire building is the same or less than the cost of the scaffolding setup and hire cost alone before anyone stands or works from it, as our method uses abseiling techniques to access any area with little fuss and very efficient.

If you have a painting job or require difficult access painting or building maintenance service via abseil painting.

Please call 1300 789 474

or visit www.abseilingaccess.com.au